Twin Girls aged 5 months.
“We had just returned from six weeks of holiday, during which our 5 month old twins seemed to have forgotten all the stellar sleeping and eating habits that they had developed in the their first three months. Miranda came in, watched us in action for a day, and then suggested a number of tweaks and changes to their routine. Within about one week, they were sleeping through the night and eating very well. She was also an endless source of good ideas for their leap to solid food – not only the preparation and timing of the meals, but also menu and feeding techniques.”
  Elizabeth, Primrose Hill

Eating Troubleshoot with 3 ½ year old boy.
"I will call Miranda my miracle worker, I think she is worth every pound spent! I have a 3.5 year old son who refused to chew and was only comfortable eating his baby cereal. If he had to eat solids I would force feed him. Miranda changed him in 3 days, he was chewing, sitting at the table and feeding himself. Miranda was also very helpful in advising me on other child developmental areas. Thanks Miranda!"

  Busola, Marylebone

Eating Troubleshoot with 16 month old girl.
"Miranda came to us for only 3 days to help my 16 month old daughter who was refusing solids and also waking sporadically at night. She was full of ideas from the start and quickly made an accurate assessment of the situation, while really listening to our needs and coming up with practical, positive solutions. Miranda had lots of tips on what to feed her and how to keep her interested at mealtimes. She was full of brilliant menu plans and tempting recipes and already on the first day my daughter was trying new things and showing a fresh interest in food. Miranda also helped with my daughter’s general routine and made insightful recommendations on her sleep schedule in order to improve her night waking and provide more of a balance to her day.
Miranda bonded with my daughter immediately and formed a great rapport with her even over such a short period - both my daughter and I missed her hugely on her departure! However Miranda was brilliant at empowering me so I felt able to cope when she left and since our time together my daughter has been continuing to eat really well and genuinely seems a happier baby for it, I cannot recommend Miranda highly enough!"

  Tess, Acton

Sleep Troubleshoot with 10 month old girl.
"We had what felt like several issues to deal with but they were managed effortlessly. Miranda offered a completely personalised service, she is completely respectful of the family as a whole - of our own sensitivities and the fact we were nervous after so many bad experiences. I was expecting to be bullied into dealing with issues but we weren't.
 I am now sleeping!! My baby is happy!! As a result the family is a far more positive unit than before. Thank you Miranda!!"

    Gemma, Kentish Town
Sleep, eating and behaviour troubleshoot with twin girls aged 16 months.
I was not sure what to expect or how things would be handled but the firm, gentle approach really does work! You don’t have to be a monster to get the best out of your kids! I learnt so much and felt revived after her visit. I am excited about being a mom again! Our family was in such a state and we were not sure where to turn. Having twin girls was taking its toll on me. I was not sure if 3 days would be enough to help us, but it was. Miranda armed me with all the tools I need to follow through on all she taught me. I only wish I had called her earlier and I will be sure to turn to her in the future!

    Nicky, Brighton

Personalised Consultation with girl aged 6 and boy aged 2 years.
 I would thoroughly recommend Miranda for providing excellent, practical and easy to follow advice. She certainly is my Super Nanny!"

    Victoria, Islington

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